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The Daily Walk

The Daily Walk: 365 Daily Devotions for Life’s Journey” by Mark Denison is like a spiritual cup of coffee. These daily devotionals will give you a thought-provoking concept that will energize your day. They take a few minutes to impart an eternal concept. The biggest problem you will encounter will be reading just one per day.
Although each devotion is short and to the point, they will leave you with much to chew on throughout your entire day. They are filled with history, humor, wisdom, and spiritual insight. You will encounter new and unique ways that scripture addresses the challenges and opportunities of life.
“I’ve been reading Mark’s daily online devotions for years. These ‘Daily Walk’ devotions are concise and engaging. They propel me into the Word every day. I highly recommend this book to all my friends.” (Rick Perry, Governor, State of Texas)
“Mark Denison has been my pastor and friend for ten years. I read his devotions every day. I take the ‘Daily Walk’ with me wherever I go. They lift me and challenge me to live the Christian life.” (Terry Bradshaw, NFL Hall of Fame, Broadcaster, Fox Sports)