Blended & Blessed Simulcast

Family life presents:
Blended & Blessed
Keys to Stepfamily Success

Saturday, April 29 | 9:00am – 4:30pm

Learn from national speakers in the comfort of your home or church.

We are pleased to announce our main speaker lineup is complete and includes Sandi Patty and Don Peslis, Jeff and Lakita Wright, Gil and Brenda Stuart, Tim Lundy, and Ron Deal. They will be joined by the powerful team Grace Chapel Worship from Franklin, TN. You can learn more about all the speakers on Check back for the addition of special guests to the program.

So, what are the “Keys” to Stepfamily Success?

At Blended & Blessed we will unpack 5 “Keys” to building successful stepfamilies:

1. When God Redeems Your Story

2. A Dynamic Marriage

3. Compassionate Parenting

4. Get a New You

5. Dedicated to the Journey

Is it for you? It is if…

You know a couple who is part of a blended family.
You are a stepfamily couple or single parent.
You are dating or engaged and have the potential to become a stepparent.
You want to learn more about how to support blended families as they grow as a family.

Whether you are part of a blended family or care for someone who is, we want to invite you to join us on April 29, 2017 for Blended & Blessed

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