Sundays at 9:45am

Every Sunday our adults gather for Bible study and encouragement in a small group setting.

Join a LIFEGroup and do life together.
L – Learn
I – Involve
F – Fellowship
E – Evangelize

Find the LIFEGroup that’s right for you!

College & Career – Building 2
Singles ages 18 – 20s
Leaders: Rob & Shelly Ficalora, Brenda Lynch

Young Adult 4 – In Pursuit – Room 206 in Gym
Leader: Robert Bridges and Scott Burris

Young Adult 3 – Room 207 in Gym
Leader: Braden Austin and Tyler Carpenter

Young Adult 5 – Room 209 in Gym
Leader: Cam Heathcott, Jacob Hebert, and Ken Johnson

Adult 1 – Building 6 Room 6204
Leader: Andy and Courtney Penland, Byron and Stacey Cutbirth

Unashamed – Building 6 Room 6200
Leader: Brad May
Families with kids at home

Journey (Formerly Parents of Teens) – Hooper Chapel
Leader: Christian Nance
Families with teenagers, primarily

Wonder Years – Building 1 Room 122
Leader: Scott Turner
Married with older kids, mostly younger empty-nesters

Disciples – Building 6 Room 6203A
Director: Bill DeBerry
Empty nesters still in the work place gathering for Bible study and fellowship.

Care Givers – Building 6 Room 6207
Leader: Pat Nichol
Active group looking to meet needs, reach new people, and live out the Bible. One co-ed class, one ladies’ class, and one men’s class.

Challengers – Building 6 Room 6202
Leader: Dotty Brown
All Ages
Eclectic group focused on missions/ministry and having a great time in the process.

Uplifters – Gym
Leader: David York
Mostly retired, 60’s-80’s
Adults committed to getting involved in ministry and studying the Bible.

Fellowship Class – Building 6 Room 6203
Leader: Orville Fleetwood
Retired, active, late 60’s-80’s
Great Bible teaching with emphasis on small groups and missions.

Bridge Builders – Building 6 Room 6206
Leader: Charlie Patterson
Late 60’s-70’s and still working
Focus is to equip members to live out their spiritual life at home, community, and business.

Encouragers – Herrington Hall South
Leader: Mel Brown
Strong Bible teaching with emphasis on prayer, ministry, and meeting needs.

Hope Class – Building 6 Room 6201
Leader: Claude Renfroe
Retirees involved personally in many ministries.

Esther – Bridal Suite
Senior Ladies’ only class