LIFE Groups

LIFE GROUPS meet during all three service times. 8:15am, 9:45am, and 11:15am. Find the group that’s right for you!

Life Group schedule and rooms may be different due to our current safety restrictions. Contact Alan Armstrong at  for more information.

Join a LIFE Group and do life together.
L – Learn
I – Involve
F – Fellowship
E – Evangelize

Find the LIFE Group that’s right for you!

8:15 AM Life Groups 

Fellowship Class (Adult 7B) Building 6, Room 6203
Leaders: Larry Knigge, Ronney Ray, and John Perrin 
Multigenerational focused on loving and serving God

9:45 AM Life Groups 

CYS – College and Young Singles (Young Adult 1) Building 2
Leaders: Rob and Shelly Ficalora, Brenda Lynch 
College students and young singles 

SALT (Young Adult 3) Building 7, Gym, Room 207
Leaders: Braden Austin and Cameron Ripple
20s-30s, mostly married, some with kids, some not 

Kingdom Seekers (Young Adult 5) Building 1, 122
Leaders: Howard and Carol Crockett, Jeff and Alecia Russell
20s-40s, mostly married with kids  

Adult 1 Building 1, Room 121
Leaders: Andy & Courtney Penland and Byron & Stacey Cutbirth
30s-50s, mostly married with kids 

Wonder Years (Adult 4) Building 5, Hooper Chapel
Leader: Gary Corbett, and Tim Wold 
Married with older kids and younger empty-nesters 

Disciples (Adult 5) Building 6, Room 6203A
Leaders: Bill DeBerry, Kay Briscoe, and Joe Roberts, 
Empty nesters still mostly in the work place 

Care Givers – Coed Class (Adult 6A) Building 6, Room 6207
Leaders: Andy Lester and Steve Omelan 
Active adults most of whom are retired 

Care Givers – Ladies’ Class (Adult 6A) Building 6, Room 6201
Leaders: Pat Nichol 
Active adult women most of whom are retired 

Care Givers – Men’s Class (Adult 6A) Building 6, Room 6200
Leaders: Paul Pearce 
Active adult men most of whom are retired 

Challengers (Adult 6B) Building 6, 6202
Leaders: Dotty Brown and Leah Burkhalter 
Mixed aged adult class with a heavy focus on missions

Uplifters (Adult 7A) Building 7, Gym
Leaders: Jack Huddleston and Barb Moore
Mostly retired, some working adults 

Bridge Builders (Adult 7C) Building 6, Room 6206
Leaders: Charlie Patterson and Bill Thompson 
Empty nesters, still working 

Encouragers (Adult 8A) Building 6, Herrington Hall South
Leaders: Mel Brown
Older adults, mostly retired 

Esther (Adult 9) Building 6, Bridal Suite
Leaders: Connie Harden, Dorothy Graham, and Laurie Devereaux
Adult ladies, ages 70+ 

11:15 AM Life Groups 

Adult 2 Building 6, Room 6200
Leader: Bob Lynch 
Adults of all ages, for those attending 9:45 a.m. service

Ruth and Naomi (Adult 3) Building 6, Room 6201
Leader: Karen Kelley
A multigenerational women’s class focused on Biblical truth and service