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We are currently enrolling for the 2021-22 school year and for our summer program which will be June 28th-July 22nd.


Our summer school is for ages 12 months and walking-completed Kindergarten.

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First Baptist Academy is a ministry of First Baptist Church, Conroe, TX. We offer affordable weekday education experiences for children from toddlers through pre-kindergarten in a loving, Christ-centered environment.

First Baptist Academy is a weekday early childhood program, not a traditional daycare center. We have a variety of classes to fit the needs of different families. Two day classes are held Tuesday and Thursday. Three day classes are Tuesday through Thursday. Four day classes are Monday through Thursday. All classes begin at 9:00am and end at 2:30pm.

  • Toddler classes: Two day classes
  • Two year-old classes: Three day classes
  • Three year-old classes: Three day classes or Four day classes
  • Pre-k classes: Three day classes or Four day classes

Children at all levels are learning things to help them build a strong foundation in their hearts and minds. Our preschoolers are learning pre-reading and pre-math skills. The children are building a spiritual foundation to help them understand who God is and HIS love for them. They learn that God loves them and has created a beautiful world for them. God gave them families to care for them. They learn that Jesus is special because He is God’s Son, who came to live and to die for them so that they might live forever with Him in Heaven. They are taught to treat others with kindness and respect, just as Jesus did.

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Phone: 936.756.6622

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Two Day Toddler

Ages 12 months to 23 months. Toddlers are, by nature, very ego-centric. They are learning about their space in the world and how it relates to them. We use the Wee Learn Curriculum that focuses on, awareness of their bodies, taking care of their needs, verbal development, and learning about God’s creation and his love for them, along with other age-appropriate skills. Each month there is a theme addressed, with activities that incorporate these kinds of skills into the thematic activities. Their day is spent doing many different activities to help them develop all the skills they need to become a great learner in God’s vast world.

Three Day Two Year-Old

Two year-olds learn through movement and exploration, their natural curiosity gives them an inborn love of learning. The two year-old class spends their day learning through play. They work on developing language skills, developing large and small muscles, and learning that Jesus loves them! The teachers support the parents by helping them potty train the children. The goal is to help every child learn about the world around them and how they fit into their world. The teachers provide experiences for the children to learn develop their hearts, minds, and love of others. The teachers use the Wee Learn Curriculum to help the children move through each developmental phase and prepare them for the next phases of development.
The teachers help the children understand that God loves them and sent His Son. Every day the children read Bible stories and talk about God’s love for them. Spiritual development is a key part of the program at FBA.

Three & Four Day Three Year-Old

The three year-old program offers many learning opportunities throughout the day. The teacher guides the children in activities to develop their minds, hearts to love of God and serve others. Each class has two teachers and a low student teacher ratio so that the children can develop a love of learning and God. The teacher works with every child at his/her stage of development, so they grow at his/her own speed.
The children are involved in many centers around the room; such as centers an Art Center, Dress-up, Home Living, Dramatic Play, Building/Constructing, Reading, Science Discovery, and many theme related math and literacy table centers from which to choose. The children also have large group activities, movement and music, and individual instruction time.

Three & Four Day Pre-K

The wonderful world of four and five year-olds springs to life Mondays through Thursdays during the school year. The lessons revolve around the Pleasant Rowland Reading Program, Math Their Way, Zoophonics, and the Handwriting Without Tears Program. Hearty doses of music, art, recreation, learning centers and games figure prominently in our days as well. Of course, the foundation for all studies begins with the Bible, the reference book for every facet of life.
The days in Pre-K are very busy! The children learn through activities and movement. They have math, language arts, music and movement, chapel and go to the library. An enrichment teacher will work with the children on an individual and small group basis to help strengthen their academic foundation. As you can tell, the days are very full. Nap time is a thing of the past!

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