Cruising with the Apostles

August 26- September 6, 2021


All are invited to join First Baptist Church of Conroe on a Biblical adventure of New Testament sites in Greece, Turkey and Italy.  St. Cecilia Tours is proud to partner with Dr. Berger and Aviv Herzlich as our Biblical and historical tour scholars. We will spend three nights in Athens, four nights on a Mediterranean Cruise, and three nights in Rome.

An invitation from Dr. Berger:

2000 years ago, a small group of people changed the world. We know them as the apostles of Jesus, and they had the audacity to believe that their friend and Messiah, Jesus Christ, was the Son of God and Savior of the world. They took that message outside the borders of Israel and started a revolution that we read about today in the book of Acts.

Later this year, you’ll have a chance to see the places where that revolution took place. I will be privileged to host a group who will visit sites like Ephesus, where Paul, Timothy and John pastored, and the church was opposed with a riot; the Island of Patmos, where the elderly apostle John encountered Jesus and wrote down the Revelation; Athens, intellectual capitol of the ancient world, where Paul defended his faith before skeptical philosophers; Corinth, where the church received two New Testament letters; and Rome, the center of the empire, where Peter, Paul, and many other believers were ultimately martyred…along with many other incredible sites.

Our tour guide is Aviv Herzlich, an outstanding scholar and amazing guide. Along with visits to many of the most holy and historical sites of our Christian legacy, this once-in-a-lifetime tour also includes a balance of “free time” to explore on your own. We will enjoy comfortable accommodations, all-inclusive cruise ship, fine dining, and – most of all – the experience of being there, where the Apostles preached and walked, where our Church was
born, where it all happened.

Limit of 32 passengers.

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