Cruising with the Apostles

Published: 10/05/2020

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MAY 6 – 17, 2021


All are invited to join First Baptist Church of Conroe on a Biblical adventure of New Testament sites in Greece, Turkey and Italy.  St. Cecilia Tours is proud to partner with Dr. Berger and Aviv Herzlich as our Biblical and historical tour scholars. We will spend three nights in Athens, four nights on a Mediterranean Cruise, and three nights in Rome. Due to Covid and the uncertainty of future travel, all deposits and payments will be pushed to February, 2021, but please register ‘risk free’ to save your spot: www.stcecilica.co/registration

An invitation from Dr. Berger:

As we know, so much of the Bible’s history is packed into one small country: Israel.  But when we get to the book of Acts, the action expands out into the wider world.  Paul plants churches in places like Ephesus, and writes to others in places like Corinth.  He preaches the Gospel to the philosophers on Mars Hill in Athens.  His protégé, Titus, leads a church on the island of Crete.  John is exiled to Patmos, where he sees Jesus once again and writes Revelation.  Meanwhile, everything centers on Rome, capitol city of the ancient world’s greatest empire, where a young and growing congregation receives Paul’s longest letter.  Later Peter and Paul both experience martyrdom there.

This May, you could have the opportunity to visit all those places, to walk the streets, see the ruins, and see where the faith and courage of those Apostles spread the Gospel to the world.  In addition, we’ll sail the Mediterranean, and see other beautiful sites like Mykonos and Santorini.  I’ve wanted to take this trip for years, and I hope you can join me.

Jeff Berger