Holy Land Tour – A Walk to Emmaus



All are invited to join First Baptist Church of Conroe on A Walk to Emmaus – Holy Land Tour.

St. Cecilia Tours is proud to partner with Dr. Berger and Aviv Herzlich as our Biblical and historical tour scholars. Those who did not travel on last years Holy Land tour will have the opportunity of traveling a few days ahead of the main group and have a guided tour of the sites that we visited last year.

Dear friends,

It’s amazing to think that the most important events in human history—the events that brought us salvation—took place in a tiny nation on the other side of the world.  We read the stories in our Bibles and rejoice at our God and His amazing grace. I have come to believe that any Christian who is able should travel to the Holy Land.  This world is full of great destinations, but there is nothing quite like seeing the places where Jesus walked.  You will never forget visiting places like Caesarea Philippi, where Peter first proclaimed Jesus as Messiah; the Sea of Galilee, site of so many miracles; and most of all, the majestic Old City of Jerusalem.  

St. Cecilia Tours provide an amazing experience in a way that is much more affordable compared to other tour operators.  Their tour guide and scholar is Aviv Herzlich, who is a native of Israel.  Aviv is highly knowledgeable about Scripture, Christian doctrine, and the history and current situation of Israel.  He is also a compelling communicator, who leads with kindness, compassion, and humor.  He and I work well together, offering much more than just a tour.  If you were part of our earlier trip, you will see new sites this time.  If you’ve always wanted to visit the Holy Land, this would be a great trip to take…and there is also an option of a “pre-trip” intensive, where you can visit some of the sites our group saw last year.  Either way, I hope you’ll sign up soon, as these trips are likely to fill up fast! 

Jeff Berger

Limit of 38 passengers.