Our Vision

Our Vision

We are calling on God to renovate the heart of First Baptist Church, so that we become a
church in which ordinary people are transformed into world-changing disciplemakers.

It’s good for us to celebrate the amazing things God has done in the past. But as we follow the Spirit of God into the future, we recognize that He isn’t primarily concerned with the programs of our church. God didn’t send a program to save humanity; He sent a person. Jesus didn’t die for programs; He died for people like you and me. It wasn’t a program that turned the world upside down in the days of the Apostles; it was ordinary men and women who had been transformed by an extraordinary Savior. We want to build great people, not great programs. When we say “build great people,” we’re talking about the kinds of people who change a workplace, a school, a neighborhood, or a family simply by their presence…people who are so full of the love of Jesus Christ, knowing them leads to knowing Him in a saving way. In other words, through the ministry of our church, God will transform ordinary people into not only true followers of Jesus, but people who lead many others to follow Him. We know this can only happen through the power of God, as He renovates our hearts to focus on His original mission for the church, and as He empowers our efforts to reach, disciple and equip people to follow and serve Him.

How will we know we’ve become that kind of church?

We will become a church that is unified around, and known in the community for,
transforming lives through the power of God.

We will become a church in which new people continually come to salvation through
Jesus Christ.

We will become a church where people are unified and unashamed in their love for
God and for each other.

We will become a church that continually builds new leaders for serving God both inside
and outside the church.

What’s Next?

Our goal for the next twelve months is that we will reach 1000 in average worship attendance, with at least 10% of our attenders being non-white. The numbers 1000 and 10% aren’t actually the point; but both would be compelling signs that we are beginning to reach people for Christ in a consistent and effective way. If we are truly reaching an increasingly diverse community, the demographic makeup of our congregation will also change significantly. We believe that would be something to celebrate!