We are calling on God to renovate the heart of First Baptist Church, so that we become a church in which ordinary people are transformed into world-changing disciplemakers.

That is our vision. But how does an ordinary person become a disciplemaker? And what part can our church play in that process? We believe there are three steps in the journey from where we are to where God wants us to be. Connecting, Growing, and Reaching. So when we talk about Reaching, this is what we mean:

Reaching others with His love.

We can’t journey with God without also bringing others along with us. As we connect with God, we gain His heart for His lost children. As we grow internally into the character of Jesus, we begin to attract people as He did. So the third step in the process of discipleship is when we begin to reach out to others, being used by God to make new followers of Him.

As a church, we help our members reach others with His love by training them to share the Gospel; offering strategic mission and ministry opportunities; helping them identify their spiritual gifts; facilitating frequent prayer for the lost; equipping them to be intentional in all their relationships; training them to invite friends to worship services and special events of the church; and publicly celebrating stories of members who reach out.