Mission Conroe

Mission Conroe is an outreach that seeks to spread the Gospel while helping those in need. One of the best ways to show God’s love is to be a friend to those in this world that feel alone. Conroe is full of places where people are struggling to survive. Mission Conroe goes to one of those places and loves on people and their kids by meeting their physical needs.

If you would like to help with Mission Conroe, you can contact Gina Noel at soul_fishin@hotmail.com for more information. Mission Conroe needs 2-4 people every Sunday to keep them up and running. They are always looking for more volunteers. The more people that want to help, the more people we can reach.

Click HERE for an article that was posted in The Courier about Mission Conroe, our apartment ministry at Bellshire Apartments on Gladstell.

Join others on Sundays as we minister to children and families in our community.

Contact Gina Noel – soul_fishin@hotmail.com for more information.