Mission Trips

We have several mission trip opportunities being planned, and we are excited to be bringing the joy and hope of the Gospel all over the world.

Mission trips are not only a great way to spread the Gospel, but also to grow closer to people in our church that you might not know too well. A mission trip could be the beginning of relationships that will transform your life and the lives of others for eternity.

Keep checking back for more information about mission opportunities.
To learn more, contact alan@fbcconroe.org

Here’s a list of the upcoming Mission Trip opportunities:

Serve Vancouver – July 11-18
Contact: Alan Armstrong, alan@fbcconroe.org
Our church has been partnering with The Point Church in Vancouver, Canada since 2012. Every year they have a week where they have sports camps for kids that live in the communities surrounding Vancouver. We have the opportunity to shine the light and love of Christ into a city that seldom trusts Christians.

Colombia Mission Trip and People Group Partnership – July 25-August 1
Contact: Alan Armstrong, alan@fbcconroe.org
The Fleetwood family lives in Colombia and is reaching out to some people groups that have never heard the Gospel. The purpose of this trip is to meet the needs of the Colombian people in order to show them that Christ cares for them.

Costa Rica – Americas Connect – September 22-29
Contact: Alan Armstrong, alan@fbcconroe.org
Our group always has such a fun time when we go to Costa Rica. The children there are amazing, and we get a chance to love on them to show them how much Jesus loves them. As with most mission trip, this is an opportunity to be Christ’s representatives in a lost world. This is such an amazing trip that could change your life!

Past Mission Trips