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The Man Who Changed Everything

Hope slide


Where is God slide

Where is God?

Heal Our Land

Heal Our Land (7-3-16)

The Best News

The Best News You’ve Ever Heard

Gods Plan for Everything

God’s Plan for Everything

He Opened Our Eyes

He Opened Our Eyes (3-27-16)

The Triumphal Entry

The Triumphal Entry (3-20-16)

Gods Top Ten

God’s Top Ten


Therefore… (1-10-16)

Its Time to Stop and Start

It’s Time to Stop and Start (1-3-16)

Whatever sermon

Whatever (12-27-15)

Great Questions encounter 2

Great Questions

Whatever He Says encounter

Whatever He Says (8-23-15)

The Fathers Voice encounter

The Father’s Voice (8-16-15)

Run to Win encounter

Run to Win (8-9-15)

Ripping the Roof Off encounter

Ripping Off the Roof (8-2-15)

Choosing the Better Portion encounter

Choosing the Better Portion (7-26-15)

When Times Are Tough Encounter

When Times Are Tough (7-19-15)

Light Wins encounter

#lightwins (7-12-15)

Freedom encounter 2

Freedom (6-28-15)

A Good Man encounter

A Good Man (6-21-15)

Breathe Life encounter

Breathe Life (6-14-15)

A Spiritual Tool encounter

A Spiritual Tool For Tough Times (6-7-15)

Is it I encounter

Is It I? (5-31-15)

Cross the Street Encounter

Cross the Street (5-17-15)


Unworthy (5-10-15)

One series encounter 3

One Another

overcoming our past encounter

Overcoming Our Past / Embracing God’s Future (4-5-15)

It is Finished for encounter 1

It is Finished! (3-29-15)

How to Make the Right Decision

How to Make the Right Decision (3-22-15)

Ambassadors encounter 1

Ambassadors (3-15-15)

Down is the New Up Encounter 1

Down is the New Up (3-8-15)

Hope for the Hurried Family encounter 1

Hope For the Hurried Family (3-1-15)

Compelled encounter 1


Becoming a True Worshipper encounter 1

Becoming A True Worshipper

The Great Intersection encounter

The Great Intersection

Putting God Back Into Our Home encounter 1

Putting God Back Into Our Home

Restore the joy encounter 1

Restore the Joy

True Disciples encounter 1

True Disciples

Psalm 1

Psalm 1

Happy New Texas encounter 1

Happy New Texas

God with us

God With Us

Peace on Earth Encounter 1

Peace on Earth

Christmas is bigger than you think encounter 1

Christmas is Bigger Than You Think

The Hope in Waiting encounter 1

The Hope in Waiting

Reminder encounter 1


Majestic Hope encounter 1

Majestic Hope

Firm Foundation encounter 1

Firm Foundation

Gods arrow

God’s Arrow

The Right Road

The Right Road

Never Shaken

Never Shaken

what is your story

What is Your Story?