Many of us learned these stories as children. But they are much more than just thrilling stories. They are more even than the birth narrative of the nation of Israel. They are a vivid look at who God is, and who we are. We are born in bondage, and God is a liberating Savior. We have a foolish tendency to long for our days of slavery; but God never stops drawing us to His Promised Land.

Small Miracles

April 11, 2021

No Excuses

April 18, 2021

We Don’t Have the Battle Plan

April 25, 2021

Who is the Lord?

May 2, 2021

Never Forget

May 9, 2021

Our Deliverance

May 16, 2021

Don’t Look Back

May 23, 2021

A Kingdom of Priests

May 30, 2021

Making God in Our Image

June 6, 2021

Show Me Your Glory

June 13, 2021