Why Church?

The Church in America seems like it’s on its way out. Why? Young people are leaving. Ask them why, and they say: Too political, too many hypocrites, too hateful, too judgmental. Older folks feel alienated from church, too: Everything seems structured to reach a younger generation; it doesn’t feel like they are valued. In addition, too many people have been victimized by the church: Sexual abuse, cliquishness/gossip, burnout. To top it all off, most of us are just incredibly busy, and whatever guilt we feel over not attending church doesn’t motivate us to change. Sunday worship just doesn’t seem relevant. What’s the point? Why bother with church? Not to earn points with God, because He really already loves us. Not to keep tradition alive. Not to satisfy the pastor and staff. Here are the real reasons why the Church matters as much today as it ever has, and how He expects every disciple to be part of it.

The Bride

January 9, 2022

God’s Construction Project

January 16, 2022

The Pillar of Truth

January 23, 2022

Our Father’s House

January 30, 2022

The Body of Christ

February 6, 2022

Growth in the Body

February 13, 2022

The New Temple

February 20, 2022