FIRST STEPS – New and Prospective Members Class

By 2030, the people of First Baptist Conroe will be involved in 10,000 transforming relationships, as we work alongside the Spirit of God to bring peace to the chaos in our community, one heart, one family at a time.

That is our vision. But how does an ordinary person create transforming relationships? And what part can our church play in that process? We believe there are three steps in the journey from where we are to where God wants us to be. Connecting, Growing, and Reaching. So when we talk about Connecting, this is what we mean:

Connecting with God in Worship.

The journey begins as we connect with God for the first time through His grace. Jesus said you must be born again. Then He died on a cross to make it possible. But that is only the beginning of the journey. As followers of Christ, we never get over the Gospel. We constantly renew ourselves by connecting with Him in worship. A true disciple worships in Spirit and in Truth. That means we aren’t primarily concerned with whether the worship style fits our preference, and we aren’t motivated by a desire to appear holier than we are. We aren’t the audience in a worship service; God is, and we want to offer Him something authentic and holy.

As a church, our responsibility is to provide engaging, excellent, Spirit-led, Christ-centered, Biblically based worship services every Sunday. We also educate and equip our members to connect with God on their own. Our members will be renewed daily, and will also be prepared to participate in public worship.